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And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

Does anyone relate to living behind a protective wall? Although I would have denied this emphatically, I have seen before my eyes this wall crumble in my life. It has been an amazing journey!

There has been no doubt that over the years I have been very sensitive to others’ pain and stood beside many as they walked their paths to freedom. I was so involved helping others that I always stayed an arm’s length away from dealing with my own pain. Therefore, I was constantly robbed of enjoying fully my awesome family-- four amazing children and a great husband.

As I began to write the account of losing my mother to suicide, I was taken off guard on how strongly the emotions rose and flooded over from a well dug over twenty years ago. Even though God had graciously answered my questions and preserved the health of my husband, I realized this book would also be a testimony of how God set me free from crippling pain. Hopefully it would encourage others on this journey. Such freedom has become mine! I cannot describe adequately the joy that has replaced the vacuum where my pain existed.

I still miss my mom very much but I definitely know she is with her creator experiencing eternal peace. And I am busy building a legacy for my grandchildren of love, laughter, and joy.


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