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There are times in our lives when an event changes us forever.  This is what happened when a baby duck came into our lives.  Who knew a duck had so much personality and made such an awesome pet?  I have loved writing her story for children of all ages to enjoy.


The Duck Who Thought She Was A Dog



The family dogs, Barrett and Shadow, are on the move since a baby duck comes to live with them.  Sunshine's antics capture theh hearts of Mom and Dad, but the dogs just want to find some peace and quiet!


This amusing book is based on a true story about a happy little duck who thought she was a dog.


This is a candid account of a daughter trying to put the pieces together after losing her Mom to suicide.  She decides to trust God for her answers.  This true story puts God’s Word to the test.  Will she ever be able to trade in ashes for beauty?

Blindsided by Suicide


Suicide is an ugly word!  It is a tragic, sudden death that many are reluctant to discuss.  However, for loved ones left holding the broken pieces of their hearts, their lives will never be the same.


How does one reconcile God and suicide in the same breath?  God, where were You?  


This book brings a message of hope and redemption for those who silently process this unexpected death.


Blindsided by Suicide is a book that will touch your heart.

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